Stone veneer Moon Pearl 122x61x0,3 cm


Stone cladding

stone cladding is a incredible material which gives you great designing possibilities in houses or flats interiors.
This is a flexible water resistant and fairly light cladding made of stone. Moreover, it is really easy to install.

This product is made by treatment of shale rocks, through their gradual separation and fusion epoxy resin with synthetic resin.

stone cladding- purpose:

stone wallpaper can be used with success as a wall decoration or as a great extrasat your own house or flat.

This kind of stone wallpaper might be glued on the wall in your hall, kitchen or even bathroom because of high resistance to bad weather conditions including steam.

It is worth pointing out that because of thin layer of this product which is 1-3mm thickness, it can’t be installed on the floor.

There’s no identically looking stone veneer which is why the whole rock composition looks delightful and impressive.

Advantages of stone wallpaper:

In practicelreality stone wallpaper is flexible, thin layer of material, made from real stone produced mostly in India. The stone for the manufacture of this product is obtained from quarries in the form of enormous rock blocks. These blocks are divided into smaller pieces which the stone veneer is made.
The stone veneer is made in specially well-prepared warehouse halls.
The rock’s block is properly sanded on one side to a smooth surface.

During this process, resin, fibreglass and primer is added on it, which gives you a guarantee of flexibility and resilience of stone veneer.

The stone cladding got a beneficial features. This product is moisture resistant, what makes it easy to install on the bathroom or kitchen near the cooker hood.
underneath of stone wallpaper is covered with resin what makes it great suitable to all surfaces.

stone wallpaper when heated to appropriate temperature can be wrapped in a roll which can be carried to any place. as a result of such an action can be installed on the highest floors.

Additional information

Dimensions 122 × 61 × 0,3 cm
Stone type





122 cm


61 cm


3 mm



Type of surface



Elevations, The walls


122 x 61