Stone veneer

A real natural stone

Stone veneer is a flexible natural stone wallpaper reinforced with a special primer, which gives it an unprecedented lightness and flexibility. This innovative production method guarantees that each stone veneer sheet will have a unique pattern and structure. Only products of natural origin have such properties. Choose from over 30 stone veneer designs in 3 sizes L / XL / XXL. Stone veneer gives endless possibilities in terms of furniture design, interior wall finishing and exterior façade.
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Stone veneer patterns

Interior finishes go with the times. Technology is developing that influences the type of materials and solutions used. Stone veneer is becoming more and more popular.

Advantages of Stone Veneer


Easy to install even on curved surfaces


Resistant to the most difficult weather conditions


The weight of the veneer is approximately one and a half kilograms per square meter

Easy to assemble

Often referred to as natural stone wallpaper

The new generation of stone veneer

Light and flexible veneer

Construction of stone veneer

Three layers for durability and flexibility

How stone veneer is made

Natural stone wallpaper

Unlimited possibilities, free your imagination

Information about the company - Stone Veneers

We are direct importer of stone veneer from India

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Individual customers interested in purchasing stone veneer, granite tiles, gres tiles and stone for the facade are invited to our online store.

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